2017 Projects 

2017 ESLI Pitch Competition winners, pictured with the judges

2017 ESLI Pitch Competition winners, pictured with the judges


Diabetes Education Augmenting Lifestyles Center and Clinic, LLC      (DEAL-C2)

Sonia Deal is the founder of Diabetes Education Augmenting Lifestyles- Center and Clinic, or DEAL-C2. This organization focuses on going into underserved communities, providing diabetes education to diabetic patients. They also collaborate with other community organizations to provide resources in communities impacted by disparities and social determinants of health.

Tendresse and Sage

Grace and her mother, Tandra, are handmade soap artisans based out of East St. Louis with aspirations of expanding to a soap making studio/brick and mortar location to host classes and events in the community. They also desire to create a mobile soap making lab that goes to area schools and organizations to teach STEM to K-12 students through soap making.

Franklin Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Franklin Staffing Solutions, Inc. is a temporary employment agency providing full service temporary and professional placement. Founder Stanley Franklin has aspirations of providing training for computer programming and coding to members of the community as well, to equip them with job skills for the future.

Ladybits Toiletries

Alicia Lohmar is the founder of Ladybits Toiletries. She produces an all-natural, prebiotic vaginal moisturizer that functions as an alternative to expensive, chemical-laden OTC vaginal moisturizers. It not only doesn't destroy the beneficial bacteria (lactobacilli) that occupy a healthy vaginal microbiome, it helps them to flourish.